For the second year of the Fest, criteria grew from a theme that consisted of only one word or simple idea, to a complete thought in the form of an international proverb.  32 films were turned in on time, more than doubling the amount of teams from the first year.

Participating Teams:

  1. Open Bar
  2. A Blowhard, a Liar, and a Bull Thrower
  3. NumaNixon Productions
  4. Laserstar Entertainment
  5. Glad We Slept in the Other Tent
  6. American Protozoa
  7. Pecos Bill and the Wranglers
  8. Missing Link Cinema
  9. Airrick Glasses
  10. Cineplex Pictures
  11. Leatherman Films
  12. Williams
  13. Crimson Vision
  14. CineGraphic Studios
  15. Team Rainbow
  16. Zissou
  17. Blue Elephant Productions
  18. Project 57
  19. Thinkout Productions
  20. AhhMyFace Productions
  21. Series Six
  22. Browning Film Productions
  23. Time Dimension 7
  24. The FredROCK Crew
  25. Sailorjack Pictures
  26. James Street Video
  27. White Flag Films
  28. Bright Boy Alert
  29. The Power Glove
  30. Digitalic Limited
  31. Big Wave Media
  32. Grassland Spirits

2007 AWARDS:

Grand Prize, Best Acting, Best Cinematography: Big Wave Media, Mike Yamrus proverb: A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Iran
title: “Release”

Best Music, Best Editing, In the Street Challenge: Laserstar Entertainment, William Perry

proverb: The pencil of God has no eraser. – Haiti
title: “God Pencils

Best Writing/Originality: Team Zissou, Seth Holmes

proverb: If you choose two rabbits, both will escape. – Japan
title: Leadman Fife

Audience Choice: Team Rainbow, Will Saxton / Kevin Collins
proverb: Be aware that the halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose – New Zealand
title: “Let’s Go…To Church

*Producer’s Head of Class (Student) Award: Pecos Bill and the Wranglers, Jack Noble

proverb: When the well is dry we know the worth of oil. – Traditional
title: White Flags

*Producer’s Avant-Garde Award: Team Rainbow, Will Saxton / Kevin Collins
proverb: Be aware that the halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose – New Zealand
title: “Let’s Go…To Church

Honorable Mention – Grassland Spirits, Brent Velasco
proverb: The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. – Belgium
title: “Agoraphobia

*Note: The Producer’s awards were handed out from the producer’s (Jason, Clark, and Salyer) of the festival and not decided upon by the panel of judges.

• Grand Prize: $500 Cash, and Weinberg Tickets
• Audience Choice Award: $100 Cash, Dinner for 4 at Tasting Room, and Maryland Ensemble Theater Tickets
• ITS Challenge Award: $250 cash and Celebrate Frederick Tickets
• Best Cinematography: $250 cash by Elusive Images Studios and Kevin Logghe
• Best Use of Music: Dinner for 4 at Danielle’s
• Best Acting: Studio Head Shots from Pepi Khara Studios
• Best Editing: Color Correction/Equipment from Parlights
• Producer’s Avant-Garde Award: Hair/Make-up for whole production by The Temple
• Producer’s Head of the Class (Student) Award: Hair styling for each team member by The Temple and CinemArts Season Tickets
• Honorable Mention: Spa Treatment at O’Hair Salon

JUDGES: Kelly Trigger – Head Judge – Assistant Professor of English, FCC, Matt Edens – Television Writer, Oxygen Network, Kevin Logghe – Photographer, Elusive Image Studios, DC Cathro –Actor, Maryland Ensemble Theater, Amy Riley – Special Events Manager, City of Frederick, David “Kip” Koontz – Alderman, City of Frederick, Shuan Butcher – Executive Director, Frederick Arts Council

Awards created by Beccah Bartlett and Gold Thumb Jewelers
Hosted by Rona Mensah.

“Welcome to the Ring” short film by Salyer.
“Lance and Javier” short film starring Kerline, Jason Streff, Clark Kline and people “In the Street”. Directed by Joey McAdams, Edited by Clark and Joey.

PRODUCER NOTES:  From 15 teams to 32, the Fest more than doubled in teams after the first year (with many of the first time 72 filmmakers being first time filmmakers as well).  It was a big surprise, our biggest one year increase in teams, with most of the teams signing up at the Launch Party, causing a bit of a mad scramble behind the scenes.  The proverbs made for some interesting and moving films: mostly narrative but a few experimental.

The Fest came together with only a few minutes to spare.  All 32 films needed to be imported/watched/judged then encoded, and burnt onto two DVDs between Sunday Night turn in and Saturday Night Fest which proved to be extremely difficult with an outdated computer.

Salyer McLaughlin opened the Fest with “Welcome to the Ring” made from super 8 camera footage that captured teams behind the scenes of launch, filming and turn in. Joey McAdams premiered his first 72 related interstitials that would become a staple in future years.  Jason, Clark, Joey and the inimitable Kerline produced the polarizing “LANCE AND JAVIER”, a 24 minute short shot during the same 72 hour weekend that the teams were shooting their films.  Having competed in 72 Hour contests in the past, the 72 producers wanted to poke a little fun at the process. The insufferable director, his/her insatiable desire to make art, the casting, shooting and ultimate second guessing of final product… 72 even threw in the pains of the export process which was considerably more frustrating back in the days of printing to tape.  We included a “Can I turn in My Computer” gag, which funnily enough a team tried to do just a few hours after we shot that scene.  Kerline was always a blast to work with, and she made cameo appearances throughout the early years of the Fest (including a Lance Stoneworthy One Year Later in 2008).

The combination of 32 short films, the 24 minute “Lance and Javier”, interstitials, 30 minute intermission, and award ceremony made for an extremely long night. The night was hosted by Rona Mensah.

Due to the length of the night, and the request of multiple patrons, the Fest grew to two nights in 2008 (Every entry premieres on one night, and Finalists/Awards/Sketches on the next).

Produced by: Clark Kline Jason Streff Salyer McLaughlin Host: Rona Mensah “Welcome to the Ring” Opening by Salyer McLaughlin “Lance and Javier” Directed by Joey McAdams/Clark Kline Starring Caroline Berno & Jason Streff Awards designed by Rebeccah Leister Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges: Shuan Butcher, Kevin Logghe, Matt Edens, David Koontz, Amy Riley, DC Cathro