The Interpretation and Re-Creation of Dreams


72 FILM FEST is doing something a little different this year.
We’re adding a week between TURN IN and the PREMIERES.

Late Registration Active!
Sept 23 – Launch Party at Spinners Pinball Arcade

Sept 23-26: Make a Movie
Oct 8-9: Films Premiere at Weinberg Center
Oct 10– Encore Online Screenings*

Our current plan is to be a hybrid.
*Subject to  change

More info including  what we have in store for that extra week to be announced soon.
See Weinberg Center Safety Protocols


2021 TEAMS

50 Teams for 2021.
8 Students. 29 Amateurs. 13 Pros.

Team NameStateLevelNumber of Years (including this one)Team Bio
Powers EntertainmentCAP1One actor. Two engineers. Together, we’re making a movie in 72 hours.
Crowded ElevatorILP11A cross-country collective of people who can’t wait to cram themselves into an elevator car together, again. Hopefully everyone has showered beforehand.
Skybox MediaMDP5We are here to chew bubble gum and make films...and we're all out of bubble gum.
Ravenlost PicturesMDP15Three little birds, sitting on a branch. Making some movies on our uncle’s ranch.
ComatoastMDP4This is my jam!
Stepdad ProductionsFLP13The fest! Reeling from the unexpectedly early filming dates, our intrepid heroes STEPDAD PRODUCTIONS head to the Gargabloch system for more intense training. But the dark lord CLARK KLINE inches ever closer, desperately vying for their destruction, and the decimation of the galaxy....
Skinhunger ProductionsMDA3This fest gives us an excuse to not work for three days.
Cinema CriminalsCTA2By & for the creative outcasts
One Way ProductionsMDA5ONE WAY Productions is a small team dedicated to making the best videos with the least amount of resources. Why? Because our real jobs just aren't as fun as this. From writing the script to creating the final product, we're in search of a way to ride our dark/slapstick humor out of the realm of everyday paper-pushing and into the world of creativity.
STRANDEADMDA4For STRANDEAD, making a film in 72 hours is like trying to express a complex emotion in a language you don't understand. Je t'aime tellement? Mina Rakastan Sinua? Kocham Cie? Who the hell knows?....STRANDEAD certainly does not.
UnimentalWVP10Unimental has been a fixture of the Fest, in some form or another, since the Fest's inception.
SRK VideoMDA7It truly is a magical day! We live our lives a quarter-mile at a time. Some people always be tryin' to ice skate uphill, but only through the elimination of violence can we achieve world peace. Keep your stupid comments in your pocket.
Lasting Light MediaMDP4A team of Maryland filmmakers out on a mission to stand out among the ever growing crowd.
Aging Eagles ProductionsMDA3Two middle aged guys make movies that entertain us and hopefully you too.
The Storyteller's NookMDS2As individuals, we are all skilled in one or more of the creative arts. You would think that together we would be a film making machine but instead we all share one braincell and a caffeine addiction. I dont know how we have made it this far but hey, we are having a lot of fun trying!
The 2nd to Last BrownieMDA22T2LB sounds so much better than T2TLB
The Salt IncidentMDS2Childhood friends who are still making movies together. Our Kino-Eye could use a contact lens.
Dead Filmmakers SocietyMDA2Once again, resurrecting our childhood dreams of making movies…
Turner BombsDCA1A guy with an iPhone.
Star Wipe FilmsMDP5Star Wipe Films is an accomplished, close-knit team, producing high-quality and engaging films.
Wolfhouse MediaMDA3Two brothers, our friends, our homies. Just here to melt faces.
Peacock TalesMDA5New name, same amateur status.
Bright Boy AlertMDA14Animation. Plagued.
West End MediaWVA2Liz and her biological cat, Xena Warrior Princess, tell hair raising tails of the West End of town
Montressor MediaMDA5From 2 guys in a basement to a community of film makers. Montressor seeks to make it possible for everyone to tell their story.
Screenburn ProductionsMDA4Screenburn is an independent production company based in Harford County, MD. For the past 7 years, we've honed our craft into telling rich narrative stories about everyday people encumbered with oddball problems.
Dishwasher SafeVAP4A group of friends who met in college got together one day and said, "Let's check out this festival," and here we are, now competing in our 5th year as team Dishwasher Safe (fka Visually Wired). Looking forward to getting back together; hopefully, this time without masks and a slightly larger crew.
Cerko SistersMDS3Two thrill seeking females just looking to groove.
Pecos Bill and the WranglersMDP14A group of people that work together to accomplish a singular goal within a restrictive time frame.
Pork VolcanoMDA1Cooking up films, one frame at a time.
SHRUG ProductionsMDP6We are a group of improvisers and filmmakers who all met at a film camp. Somehow, a decade later, we still like each other.
IC Movie MouthMDS3Movie makers who don’t know how to make movies…
Fleshbox ProductionsMDA1Biologically a team. Just 3 assholes who love making movies.
Sedated SpacesNJA1Quality Content Since 1955
Noticeable GrainMDA7Go with the Grain.
Black Fox PicturesMDAWe only play the first track off the Led Zeppelin 4 album.
Doodle DameMDS2A sentient red squirrel who wandered into town looking for a place to hide my walnuts, and draw cartoons.
Iceberg ProductionsMDS1 A small team located in Brunswick MD
Goodnight Narwhal ProductionsMDA1Created to deal with the outstanding growth of Montressor Media, Goodnight Narwhal Productions is a new team with 4 years running experience with 72fest and a bright future ahead.
Zenith FluxMDA1Zenith Flux Films is lead by Raven Jackson of Frederick MD. The team strives to make work driven by the power of enticing visuals, dynamic performances, and allowing people to express their truths through film.
Carpet Wall ProductionsMDA6Still making movies way after the bell
The Mount Vernon Film CrewGAS1We are a group of high school students attending Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA; we are excited to compete in this year's 72 Hour Film Fest!
RadomMDA1I’m a one man show. I write it, shoot it, act in it, score it & edit it. I made my first short back in 2008 and instantly became addicted. With over 20 shorts in my lot, I continue to hone my craft with each project. Each film feels like the first time. Godspeed-
Doggy ClubMDA1We have been talking about making a film for 5 years, so making it in 72 hours makes the most sense
3iCreateFLA3Creators coming together to create
It's Always Sunny in FrederickMDA1Maryland has pride in their crabs, we have pride in our films.
Lemonhead ProductionsMDS1When life gives you lemons, you make a film in 72 hours.
Castwave StudiosMDP1Film.Lovables surly kid-brother.
Ah Muh Face!MDA11Offending old people since 2002!
EEGMDA5Husband, wife duo along with a few nieces and nephews that are nuttier than a fruitcake!


Join us at Spinners Pinball Arcade for the 72 Film Fest 2021 Launch Party.

Come by, play some games, and chill with us as we count down the final hours before we give out the criteria for this year’s 72 Hour Film Competition. Free to attend, suggested donation to Pinball EDU to play.

Pinball EDU is a 501c3 charity that works with people with disabilities and is the host of Spinners Pinball Arcade. Find out more at

The Launch Party will also be streamed online for teams that are unable to attend.

LEDA Premieres at Festival of Cinema NYC Oct 2nd.
Get Tickets.

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