72 Film Fest 2020:

Make a Movie: Oct 1-4
72 Film Fest: Oct 9-10

72 Hours to Make a Movie!
2020 will be online/virtual and open to Anyone in US.
For More Information about this year’s Fest check out the 2020 Registration Page.

Registration for 2020 is Open!

2020 Registered Teams

104% of Minimum Teams Registered

One Way Productions (A) – We’re a small team who enjoys making funny films with a touch of darkness.
Goldfish Media (A) – Every single aspect of making movies is a giant pain in the ass and it’s never worth it.
Ah Muh Face! (A) – Offending old people since 2002!
Unimental West (A) – We’re a quarantined portion of Team Unimental, comprised of folks that have participated in every single year of the Film Fest.
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers (P) –
Skinhunger Productions (A) – Two filmmakers that keep having to explain that skinhunger doesn’t mean cannibalism.
Black Fox Pictures (A) – We only play the first track off the Led Zeppelin 4 album.
STRANDEAD (A) – STRANDEAD is art without overthinking. Built upon the premise that some creative work is best expressed in its initial draft form, STRANDEAD has existed – sporadically – since 1989. STRANDEAD’s Team Leader, Denis Superczynski, loves playing in the art bin and hopes to be able to say on his deathbed, “Dang, I never really mastered anything. Maybe I should have tried harder…or something.” STRANDEAD’s super groovy, enigmatic, smash hit film from Year 13, “Mrs. Huston, We Have A Problem” continues to resonate with fans across Frederick County who absolutely and completely believe that this was Denis’ first film. With this year’s film, STRANDEAD hopes to finally solve the mystery of who killed William Deane Tanner. (Hint: It was Baby Peggy, in the Conservatory, with a shiv fashioned from a jumbo rainbow lollipop)
The Soccer Moms (S) – Hailing from South Jersey, Hunter, Mark, Mike and Sophia (and a few others on the rare occasion) comprise the team. The Soccer Moms look to make their best short yet.
CC (S) – College students begging for (remote) work and videos to make, wishing for a happy, healthy world.
Crowded Elevator Pictures  (P) – We may have relocated our home base to Chicago, but we left our heart in Frederick! Our doctor says we need the heart back if we “want to live…” We’re hoping someone at 72 Fest could do us a solid and ship that back to us?
9:51 Productions (A) – Director/Screenwriter- Dominic LoCicero Director of Photography – Eric Starick Lead Actor – Micah Forrest
Comatoast (P) – All buttered up!
Stepdad Productions (P) – Having just lost half of their assets after a bitter divorce with Stepmom, Stepdad Productions sunk into a deep depression. After eating dangerous amounts of Halo Top and listening to some pretentious jazz album you’ve never heard of, Stepdad Productions came to the conclusion that they needed to reconcile with their former spouse. Approaching Stepmom’s condo with flowers and optimism, Stepdad Productions made an impassioned plea that they were meant for each other and destined to make films together forever. However, Stepmom rebuffed Stepdad Productions, telling them that she wanted to focus on true art and not non-sensical comedies. Hearing that their comedies weren’t true art threw Stepdad Productions into a rage! Deciding to go with Plan B, Stepdad Productions murdered Stepmom and devoured her body. With a full belly after having consumed her, Stepdad Productions felt tremendous power flowing through their veins and was able to ascend a higher plane of existence. Stepdad Productions is currently traveling throughout the cosmos looking for an interesting film location that would serve as cool backdrop for a bicycle-turned-CIA agent that wants to go to culinary school.
Bright Boy Alert (A) – Animation. Plagued. But for real with the plague this time.
Raven Lost Pictures (P) – Three little birds making movies.
Aging Eagles (A) – Two middle aged guys make movies that entertain us and hopefully you too.
Sixties Freakout (A) – Sixties Freakout is a team comprised of one weird couple with hours of free time who love all things surreal and freaky. First time filmmakers!
Shrug Productions (P) – We are a group of Filmmakers and Improvisers who met at a film camp. Somehow we still like each other.
SRK Video (A) – The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late SRK VIDEO. GENERAL JACOB dispatches secret agents to gather intelligence, while JESSE, the last hope of the Jedi, trains for battle against the diabolical OMAR. Meanwhile, Supreme Leader [RAN OUT OF NAMES] rages in search of the phantom, determined to destroy any threat to his power….
Void Where Prohibited (VWP) Media (A) – We’re a group of friends who came together to collaborate, create, learn, discover, and experience all aspects of filmmaking.
Dishwasher Safe (P) – When possible, we like to use our on-hand resources and generate original, quality, polished, and stylistic, films while keeping our budget at a minimum. The artists formerly known as Visually Wired are entering our 6th year in the Festival (And, oh boy, isn’t it a doozy!). Looking forward to whatever wackiness this year will bring but, no matter what, a film will be made in 72 hours!
Great Vengeance  & Furious Anger (P) – #FEARTHEMULLET
West End Media (A) – Living on the west end of town, Liz and her cat Xena have seen enough oddities to inspire many strange tails.
Screenburn Productions (A) – The production boys hailing from Harford County, Maryland are back for a 3rd year. A lot of our stories happen outside (in the woods typically), making us tailor made to create weird films in a distanced world. That said, we’re missing those chill after parties.
Frexit (A) – Frederick belongs to Britain now. Please head to your nearest queue at the brolly dispensary.