Mark Your Calendars!
72 FILM FEST is doing something a little different this year.
We’re adding a week between TURN IN and the PREMIERES.
Theme locked in…

— clues —
 Tailslaters Podcast debuts.

June 3rd: Registration Opens.
Sept 23-26: Make a Movie
Oct 8-10: Films Premiere

Oct 1-3: Surprises.

Our current plan is to be a hybrid.
More info including  what we have in store for that extra week to be announced soon.

2021 TEAMS

As teams register, they will appear here within 1-2 days.

Team NameStateLevelNumber of Years (including this one)Team Bio
Powers EntertainmentCAP1One actor. Two engineers. Together, we’re making a movie in 72 hours.
Crowded ElevatorILP11A cross-country collective of people who can’t wait to cram themselves into an elevator car together, again. Hopefully everyone has showered beforehand.
ComatoastMDP4This is my jam!
Stepdad ProductionsFLP13The fest! Reeling from the unexpectedly early filming dates, our intrepid heroes STEPDAD PRODUCTIONS head to the Gargabloch system for more intense training. But the dark lord CLARK KLINE inches ever closer, desperately vying for their destruction, and the decimation of the galaxy....
Skinhunger ProductionsMDA3This fest gives us an excuse to not work for three days.
Cinema CriminalsCTA2By & for the creative outcasts


Our first Podcast Launches later this month:
TAILSLATERS: Filmmaking on a Deadline.
Join teams as they meet, greet and casually discuss their past films, their process and what it takes to make a movie for timed contests like 72 Film Fest.


Upcoming Episodes:
Comatoast Meets Shrug
Screenburn meets Skinhunger
Ah Muh Face meets Crowded Elevator
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers meets Star Wipe


Stay tuned for the full release schedule and if you’d like to be a part of the podcast, reach out to us with your team name and a team or two you’d like to chat with!